>A simple, rambling introduction

>Welcome to my blog! I am excited to start a new and fresh compilation of ideas and stories and any random thing that happens to cross my mind while I am at the computer. This is my second blog that I have created but it was done to allow greater creativity in how I am presenting myself. You see, I write from my heart. Whether it is lighthearted or serious, it is straight from my heart. In doing so I wanted my readers to feel what I am writing not only in the words they are reading but in the colors and styles they are written in. Blogger allows me to do that.

If you have read my info then you know that I am a Christ Follower and not shy about it. My faith is not a religion, it is my life. I will not hide it or change what I say because it is seen as politically incorrect. I believe in freedom OF religion, NOT freedom FROM religion that many are trying to pass over the national government circuit. I have as much right to say what I believe as those who say that they believe in nothing (which is never true, even if it is the environment, it can be their “religion”).

As you can also see, I am very opinionated. Sorry if you are offended but then again, I am offended by people every day and I usually just let it go because it is not worth the fight that would incur. None-the-less, I am “family friendly” so to speak so you never have to worry about any cursing or “adult material” ever crossing my page. In have in the past written on hot topics (sex, homosexuality, and, evidently, religion as well) but I try to keep everything tasteful and I don’t mind if you don’t agree with me on all of my opinions. I don’t expect you too. But I do expect the same respect (in commenting) as you would ask for yourself. So please, whether in agreement or in disagreement, feel free to comment away. And mostly, please enjoy reading as I tell it how I see it and share those topics that are laid on my heart.

Thank you,
Rebecca–Living the Life–For Jesus.


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