>Report of the Orange and Blue

>I can’t believe it! The Florida Gators have won their 2nd National Championship in the past 3 years…and I was there to experience it! There is a definite benefit to living within driving distances of a bowl game. Especially since tickets were selling anywhere in the spectrum of $500-well over $2000 a seat.

The atmosphere was excited, nervous, even a little arrogant. People were EVERYWHERE and decked out in their finest. One of my favorites was a lady (probably around 50 or so), wearing bright blue tights with bright orange fish nets over top, a blue mixture of skirt and shirt, a boa, and a sun hat trimmed in feathers. She was a sight! But in reality, she was excited and wanted to support her team as much as she possibly could…it just turned out to be a very extravagant manner; and she wasn’t the only one. There was another lady that had a blue umbrella trimmed in orange feathers, the gentlemen came out with their classic ticket hats stuffed to the brims (literally), even a few people I thought might be lost–like the Michigan State spartan guy completely painted from head to toe, with a giant Spartan flag attached to his bicycle. He just kept riding around and around the stadium. I never figured that one out.

But none-the-less, people were out in their full regalia ready to yell and scream and chant and cheer their teams to victory. My husband and I had seats in the 400 section (the third section) but we were able to see the field surprisingly well. Outside of referees who couldn’t get it together, it was a nerve racking game. Florida held the Oklahoma offense only to not escalate off of the good field placement. But by the end of the first quarter, my Florida Gators managed to score first and hold the Oklahoma Sooners back in the red zone.

I managed to completely loose my voice, draw a couple stares, but mostly (as with most Gator games) make a couple of stand friends that we could celebrate with. That final drive had me in shock. We made the touchdown and sealed the win with minutes to spare. We intercept the ball on a crucial drive. Tebow gets penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct (good for him…we were beating the Heisman quarterback with our “4th rate quarterback”–little hint to any and all opponents of Tim Tebow, don’t give him anything to fuel off of if you don’t want him to ultimately show you his Superman qualities, which is what he did the 2nd half of the game). Percy Harvin came back from serious injury, had it exposed with a late tug on his ankle after a tackle *without it being penalized, the ignorant refs* and still managed to run all over the impenetrable OU defense! He was a game changing player Thursday night. But I am torn because I also loved the interception by Ahmad Black, who stole the ball from the Sooner receiver after he had caught it and Black was the one who went down and came up with the ball–Gator first down!!! (as we were reminded by our favorite referees when they stopped the next play to tell us…I think the Gator offense and Oklahoma defense on the field kind of let us know that already.

But what a game! After the fireworks and confetti was exploded and fans were cheering as loudly as they ever had, after Gainesville exploded with the entire town filling the streets and letting everyone in Oklahoma hear their cries of victory, after every Gator home (and Texas home for that matter) shaking the nation in domination (even if only by taking advantage of opportunities and turning them into points where the beloved Sam Bradford could not), I sat down in disbelief and pure and unfiltered pride surging through my veins. I have been a Gator for my entire life. It is my team. It is in my blood, and has been for generations, and I was there to experience it all. What a game!

Go Gators and congratulations on being #1 again!


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