>Winter job search in Florida

>*sigh* it is FINALLY here! What you may ask? Winter, of course! Now, I know that anyone who has been bundled up in multiple layers and skyrocketing electric bills from the heat being cranked are shaking their heads in disgust, but for us Floridians, the change is almost worth the wait. We dealt with having the AC on throughout Christmas and over half of “the coldest month of the year.” I am reserved to a point on my celebration however. This stems from my family being in the citrus business and I have experienced first hand the stress and heartbreak that a hard freeze can bring to farmers. It’s a very complicated feeling mind you.

I LOVE the cold weather. I love being able to wear my favorite sweaters and come up with adorable layered pieces that the blistering heat put to bed for the majority of the year. I love the burn I get in my chest from the dry air and laugh as I see people walking around in sweatshirts, jackets, and pants while still wearing their staple flip-flops. I love not walking outside and already needing a shower from being coated in a layer of sweat from the mixture of beaming sun and thick humidity.

But today I sit at my computer in the ever lasting job search. My last job was solid. I made decent money, worked long hours, and gained a lot of management experience. I made the decision to quit versus the drivers who were laid off because of the economy. Now I made this decision knowing full well that it would be difficult to find another job, but it was something I needed to do. I was working 49 hours (scheduled) weeks and at the time I was also planning my wedding. The job was simply that to me, a job. It wasn’t something I could do for the rest of my life but the experiences were worth the time I put into it. Now, I am wanting something to supplement the volunteer work that I am doing. Then we can save more, have a better savings, and maybe even afford to take some trips before we begin to talk about kids. That is what is hard. I know that I have qualifications for a lot of positions and even some management experience, but no one is hiring. I took an entire day a few weeks ago and went from store to store asking for applications. They gave them to me, but with the validation that they were actually getting ready to cut their seasonal staff and were not looking to hire anyone else. I suppose the other trial is that I have always worked in retail of some sort (whether Gator paraphernalia, clothes and shoes, or cars), but that is not my passion. I am good at it and have vastly improved with ultimate customer service (the customer is always right mentality). I just am not passionate about retail. I suppose most people are not passionate about their job, but that is my ultimate goal. I want to be passionate about my job and to change lives. Until then, however, I would be content to simply be hired at all and enjoy the ever fleeting chill that covers the outdoors in the brisk winter-ness of it all.

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