>Retail Therapy Revised


I continued job searching today. I am amazed at how little openings there really are. I suppose that sounds like I have been living under a rock, doesn’t it? I mean, come on…we are in a declining economy. Person after person has been laid off. We have one of the highest levels of unemployment in history. I know, but I am pretty certain that none of the news headlines actually sink in until you hear for yourself “no…no…and not right now.”

Now the reality is that I am still fairly low on my experience levels. I have had a job in retail management training for a period of 8 months (car rental and sales) and was able to put in for a promotion to assistant manager at the time that I quit. Yes, I quit. I wasn’t laid off; I wasn’t fired; I quit. I quit because I wanted to be able to be a wife for my husband in our first months of marriage. I wanted to have dinner ready for him and meet him at the door with a kiss as he came in from work. I wanted to be able to take care of our home and do those little touches that turn a boring empty space from a bachelor pad to a home of a married couple. Silly? Perhaps, but it was important to me..still is. But now, we are looking at wanting to set aside more for savings (so we have a retirement or college fund for kids or emergency fund that may be able to keep us out of extreme debt). Kyle also needs a new car. His has had the check engine light on for about 3 years now…it’s becoming more of a need than a want at this point. SO, I have ventured out into the workplace again to try and land a position I won’t be embarrassed to tell others about (how vain is that). More than the vanity aspect, both my husband and myself believe that it would be better if I had a job (even for something part time) that I actually enjoyed than came home miserable from and brought all of the baggage of the day with me. I think that is a reasonable goal.

So as of right now I have applications in at a number of retail locations throughout Orlando. From Altamont to Waterford Lake. From Barnes and Noble to Ann Taylor Loft to Adidas. General positions, but something I know that I am skilled and good at. I have 2 years of customer service experience and just under a year of management experience…that should be sufficient, right? Time will tell as I try to be patient and know that everything (even job searches) are on God’s timing.

Ecc. 3:11 God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.


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