>Family Love

>I had the honor and pleasure of accompanying my mom this past week to lunch with my grandmother. When we got to town we stopped in to see my 101-year-old great grandmother, Momma Ruthie. She is a beautiful lady who used to spoil my sister and I (and everyone) to death. She would serve us ice cream for breakfast, much to my mom’s dismay. Play the organ with us (yes, she had an organ in her house). She always had toys for us to play with–especially the Lincoln Logs. And more than anything else, she loved us to death.
I don’t get to see her nearly often enough but I enjoy even the smallest time I am able to spend with her when I do make it over there. As I imagine is the case with anyone who has lived as long as she has, Momma Ruthie has good days and bad days. There are times that her care taker says that she can see pretty clearly and talks up a storm. Then there are days when she won’t even open her eyes. This past Monday was not the best day. She kept her eyes closed and didn’t respond to our talking. But at the end, I was reminded how blessed I am. My mom and I said I love you and she responded. After saying I love you, she said to Joanne, her care giver, “it’s good to know you are loved.” At 101, she knows above all else that she is loved. She has been a widow for over half of her life, had a son pass away well before her time, and seen many other friends and family come and go, but she knows that she is loved. And I know how blessed I really am.


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