>I have discovered a new found enjoyment in good TV shows. I emphasize good because goodness knows there are plenty of bad ones around. Granted what I think of as good and bad are obviously only speculative and built on my own personality. Regardless, for me these include NCIS (favorite), Bones (new found enjoyment), Friends (classic), and even ALIAS (no longer on but classic none the less). I also have found an unusual attachment to reality TV in the recent months, though these can never rival the good dramas. Of these I like to include, American Idon (yes, cliche, but I will only watch it if I have seen it from the beginning and have someone to root for that is worthy of a vote in the first place), Iron Chef (the American one because I actually know the ingredients), and So You Think You Can Dance (because they really can dance and its something that I always wished I was good at but never took more than 2 classes–granted the best classes I took in college). Amazingly, I do have a point to this seeminly aimless rambling. I fully agree with copyright and the legal statutes that go along with those. HOWEVER, I have yet to understand why I can’t have access to TV shows that I enjoy without paying ridiulous amounts to buy or rent them (when people have already taped them either old school or via DVR and so have them for their personal use anyway). What I am trying to conseptualize is why I can’t use the DVD (or TV show) how I want to use it as long as I am not illegally broadcasting it and making money off of a copyrighted item. For example, I would like to load a season of my favorite TV show on to my MP3 player so that I can enjoy them not only in my living room or even on my computer, but while I travel on the plane or what have you. See I can purchase the movie or DVD but unless I purchase it through Zune (my MP3 player)–or Itunes for all you IPod junkies–I can not fully enjoy my investment. Rambling frustration of not understanding the full concept.


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