>Writing and Research spurring me on

>I have tried to pick up my “books” in the past few days. Well at least one of them. I call it ‘Living Radically in a Political Age.’ It is a Christian look at several easy ways we can live out our faith (that’s the radical part) in this very political country and day in age. Since doing so, I have tried to further my research to support my steps of action. This has furthered my endeavors to be able to finish this and write it well. I want to inspire Jesus followers to not be the only group forced to remain “in closet” with their beliefs. It is heartbreaking; the more research I do, the more it is obvious that while many Christians have misused their belief as a title, many genuine believers who are simply trying to express their faith (NOT HATE SPEECH OR DISCRIMINATING OR INTENDING TO OFFEND ANYONE) but simply speaking the Bible (heaven forbid) and they are being punished through the legal systems whether in jail time or excessive fines. I strive to make these clear and known that other believers might be able to take action before all hell breaks loose (literally…it’s called Armageddon. Don’t believe me? Read Revelations in when all these people disappear and fire falls from the sky, I think you’ll change your mind.) Let’s hope I don’t get arrested before I finish and (hopefully) manage to publish it 🙂


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