>Letting the Seed fall where it may

>In my devotions today, I read the parable of the sower, throwing out his seed (Mark 4:1-20). In the process of my writing, I have begun to wonder who I could reach with my words and thoughts. As in the parable there will be times when the “seed”–or Truth, word of God–will fall on dry and barren land, quickly scorched away by the sun. In relation, the Truth will be heard by those who don’t want to hear it and are spiritually dry. As soon as they come under fire (the sun), all hope that was given to them is burnt away and destroyed. As such, some will fall into the rocks, where people have constant struggles and trials and let those difficulties get in the way of their own salvation, in doing so, choke out the Truth before it has a chance to take root and grow them out of those rocky places. Or there are some who are sown into the thorns. These accept the Truth and even develop some depth (root) but the trials of the world and the desires to compete “with the Jone’s” takes over and chokes out their growth. But sometimes, the seed is cast into good soil, rich and ready to receive, and that is where growth occurs. It is here that it can multiply and spread sometimes sixty or a hundred fold. As I write my own revelations, I try to keep this in mind and be prayerful about what I am writing that , “those who have ears, let them hear,” Jesus loves everyone and wishes that everyone might be saved. But we are given the free will to choose to either bend our will to His glorious plan and promise or be willful against it and live our life how we want (you only live once, right?) Wrong. You will live for an eternity and what you choose in this life will determine where that eternity is spent. I suggest you choose wisely for this life is fleeting, but eternity is just that–forever.

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