>Growing Unconditional Love

>My daddy and I have been e-mailing back and forth a few times and he got me thinking (which isn’t unusual for our conversations). I have a friend that I consider a sister that has a wayward relationship with her parents. I don’t doubt that she loves them, in fact I know that she does very much. And truthfully, I don’t really doubt that they really do love her…I believe that they just don’t know what true unconditional love really is. It makes me wonder how many people have felt the impact of having unconditional love as an every day part of their lives. In this, I have been blessed beyond measure. I mentioned my daddy to begin with and my momma equally so. They loved me even when I was being unlovable (primarily middle school years, but we just call them the dark ages and try not to speak about them) 😉 I also am blessed with my big sister and brother-in-law who, despite busy schedules, would come to my side if I ever needed them to. I haven’t even begun to mention my beloved husband because I don’t think I could do him justice in how amazingly wonderful he is and how endearing his love is for me. I then have two friends in particular who have always stuck by me, no matter how stupid I was being and I am honored to say that I have been friends with these two lovely ladies for about 20 years…20 years!!! Now that’s love. But more than anything I understand what it is like to want something so much that you make it out to be truth and something that you can somehow fix to make better. This is what my dad and I were discussing. The appearance of jumping into something before you are ready or making it out to be the solvent to all the problems is not uncommon and can often be linked to immaturity. But I don’t think that is the only link. Immaturity is a definite catalyst but I think that sometimes it is the minor piece of the equation.
I have to wonder if it’s not necessarily immaturity as much as just wanting it that much. When your heart yearns for something in such a way that you trick yourself into believing it despite knowing (deep deep down) that you can’t fix it. That is a difficult and painful thing to have to learn, but sadly, especially young ladies seem to have to learn this through their own painful experience. That is what happened to me, but I can honestly say that I did learn. It wasn’t something that I enjoyed but I grew from that single set of experiences than most anything else. It brought me to a point of helplessness and back to the foot of the cross. I came to the end of myself and it was at that point that I found Jesus waiting for me. He, above all, has unconditional love that “while I was yet a sinner, He died for me.” (personalization added). I am astonished by the love that my family and friends have for me and I am even ore astonished that this doesn’t even come close in comparison to the love that Jesus has for me. A wonderful book that expresses this love in a beautiful form is Romans. Every time I read it my heart tightens in the blunt realization that I didn’t deserve him and yet he dies for me. That every time I fall short, Jesus is there outstretching his hand to pick me up, clean me off, and set me back on the “straight and narrow.” That is unconditional love and I pray that I can take this beautiful example and love everyone around me in the same form.


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