>Birthday Blessings

>This week hasn’t been filled with exciting news for me. One of my best friends whom I had grown up with called me saying that her grandfather had a heart attack and had to have a quadruple bypass and her mom was told that she had breast cancer. These are people that I grew up calling my second family. To increase the bad news, we received word on my grandfather’s condition and they think that it may even be bone cancer in his rib.
Away from health, I was told yesterday that my other best friend wouldn’t be joining me for my birthday. Instead she’s picking up for her roommates not finding pet sitters, not telling them that she already had plans. Petty, I know, but still important to me.
Never-the-less, I am very blessed. Today I am turning 23 and I am most of all loved. I have a husband who is taking a half day at work tomorrow to hang out with me and take me to dinner. I have parents who are coming in Saturday night to have a “birthday lunch” with me on Sunday. And, truthfully, I do have friends who love me and would probably do anything for me if I ever needed them. I have a home and plenty of food (though a little too much Ben and Jerry’s in one sitting tonight). I have a lovable puppy who just wants me to be happy. I have a church family who is appreciative for doing things that I enjoy doing. We aren’t in need, we aren’t even feeling major affects from the economic problems the country is facing. I am happy and healthy and all I can do is thank God for blessing me so abundantly.
There are things that I still desire, things that I want to get done. But, in retrospective on this day…I think Thank You is all I need to say. To my husband, my family, my friends, and most of all, the Author of all blessings, Jesus, my Savior. Thank you for allowing me to have 23 years in which to be thankful for.


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