>Happy Birthday to my Daddy

Today is my Daddy’s 50th birthday. I am not sure he would be entirely thrilled that I have just announced that to the world, but I mean it as an accomplished milestone and achievement. That may sound ridiculous to some, I mean, really, who can’t reach 50 by doing nothing? What I am referring to has nothing to do with his age and everything to do with his character.
He has a blog on here called Striving Toward Integrity and I think it is the perfect description of him. I am honored to have a dad whose greatest desire is to please God with his life. He does this through his love for his wife of nearly 30 years, adoration for his two girls who will always be “Daddy’s Girls,” and a general aspiration of missions and the work of God. He taught me a to live my life to honor Jesus in every aspect, to know right from wrong, to have family as a priority, and how a man is supposed to treat someone he loves and respects. He encouraged my independence but corrected me when I was out of line. He engages in political, philosophical, and theological discussions and provides insight I wouldn’t otherwise have. He is one of my greatest heros and I can’t imagine life without his influence.
I was blessed to have him at every lacrosse and cross country meet I ever had. He was active with my ridiculous band schedule. And he hung on while I changed my mind on my future about every day or so. He gave me a love of classic rock (70s), camping, and the Florida Gators. He is someone I am proud of and I love being his little girl.
So, this post is to honor him. My Daddy. Happy Birthday and I love you.


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