>A time for Change…again!

>People thought that there would be change. Considering that was the mantra that he ran under, I can understand why. Truthfully, I did not vote for President Obama. I felt that his stance on moral issues would be detrimental to the nation and its citizens. I also felt that in a day and age of extreme hatred of the American ideals, someone who thinks that you can schedule a meeting with extremest national leaders and terrorists to talk out your differences was incredibly naive. I am not saying that I like the war, but I do understand its necessity in certain circumstances (BTW, I am not even getting into the debate about the number of reasons we went in the first place, I am specifically talking about the defense of America and our freedoms) and I love my service men and women for offering the ultimate sacrifice that I can still claim those freedoms.
My issue as of this moment is the “stimulus program” that only puts America more in debt than we have ever been. Yes the stock market is crummy, yes the housing market is scary (except for first time home buyers, then its great), and yes, the loss of jobs is devastating for the individuals and for the economy. But making a deal with the devil never brought salvation. In other words, stealing from future generations and then out sourcing to China will not save this nation. Perhaps if all of those movie stars who seem to have so much to say about patriotism would cut their salaries in half to donate elsewhere, we might see a change in finances.
The reality, when I hear talk about a “one world currency,” America loosing its longstanding status of the super power of the world; and see religion as a whole melting away into oblivion, the only thing I can think about is the impending Rapture that will occur.
As a Follower of Christ, I am not worried–only greatly anticipating the time when I will get to be with the Lord. But if you are not a Christian, or a lukewarm believer, beware. There is a reason that Jesus spoke about hell more than heaven. He came to heal the sick, and the world has an pandemic of a sickness of the soul. People are lackadaisical about their faith or the live solely for today, for this moment, without thought of the consequences or the future. The Bible tells us that God will spit the lukewarm out and they will be lost for all eternity.
I am worried about our nation. I think that it is ridiculous that people who have worked hard to finance themselves are going to be punished while those who are lazy and have made poor decisions are going to be rewarded. I think that it is ridiculous that we have a government that has decided that it would be in their best interest to become more socialist, when there is a reason that Canadians and Europeans come to America. I did not vote for these representatives but enough people did and now we all have to pay for poor choices and politicians who don’t take the time to read through things before putting their name on it (aka. the stimulus package…3 days is not sufficient to read several hundred pages to know its entire extent of detriment it will bring to the nation). Sadly, we as a nation have brought this on ourselves and we can only blame ourselves. Sometimes, the exact opposite of what you do not like is not going to make you happy (as proof shown in the presidency). But we as Americans still live in a Democratic Republic and our officials have a duty to represent the cry of the people. We can not change who we just put into office, but we can efficiently affect how they vote and respond. Stand for what you believe in. Make calls, write letters, participate in peaceful rallies (for example, there is a National TEA Party Day in April to make clear that we are tired of the policies already and we as citizens have the right to be taxed fairly…sounding familiar to a high school history lesson? Hmm) We are living in difficult times, but that is no excuse for our government to take advantage of powers. There is a reason that it took so long for the Founding Fathers to agree on the Constitution. They did not want a repeat of England’s domination. That is why States (technically) have more power than the national government. Fight to get back the country that we all love and get the national government out of our backyards!

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