>A Little goes a Long Way

>It has been nearly 8 months since I quit my job last fall. The reasons were multifaceted and well founded, but none-the-less, I now do not have a job. My credentials are either over qualified (for most part time retail) or under qualified (for most office positions). While I have been looking for a part time position to supplement our income and boost our savings, I have discovered the true joy in volunteering. I am currently working with Operation Christmas Child (also known by some as the shoebox ministry) and will be starting with Wycliffe (Bible translators) as a Volunteer Advocate in the near future.
While talking with my mother-in-law yesterday, I realized my pure joy in the work I was doing. Literally, the work I did yesterday was some data organization and switching old pamphlets in information bags to new pamphlets. It isn’t hard work or stimulating. It doesn’t take my college degree or management experience. What it does take is heart and that is where I am finding satisfaction.
The bible tells us, no matter what we do, do it as if for the Lord. That means that no matter if you are an engineer or a missionary, both jobs are working for God. As a physical missionary or pastor it is easier to see the fruit of you labor, but that doesn’t mean that it is any more important than the bankers and engineers and teachers and factory workers of the world. As Christ Followers we are called to live our life for God (not stay in the closet of our faith). We are told to tell the world and that means to also be a living and working example to our co-workers and neighbors. The entire world is a mission field and you don’t have to go to Africa to affect the Kingdom of God.
I am finding true satisfaction doing very “menial” work (by the worlds standards), but I know that by getting the world out about OCC I am in turn helping children around the world and in some cases, saving their lives and their souls. Everything is related to other things (think about Lion King’s circle of life…I have it playing in my mind right now). By handing out pamphlets or by interviewing volunteers, I am able to help down the line and in turn someone else is able to reach children and lost souls.
How are you affecting the Kingdom today?

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