>Priceless Treasure

>There are few things in life that are more precious or priceless than that of a great and endearing friendship. Whether shared with a spouse or just a particular individual who secures a special place in your heart for all eternity, a true friend is a rare commodity in this day and age.

When I moved to Orlando (and even prior while in Vero Beach for a year), I discovered a yearning in my heart for a couple of friends that I had grown up with. Despite the love and friendship that I share with my beloved husband, I missed my girlfriends. I missed talking meaninglessly until all hours of the night, ended only by the unavoidable weight that pressed down onto our eyelids at the wee hours of the morning. I missed the girlie movie nights where we cried at the drop of a hat, laughed until our sides ached, and shamelessly ate obscene amount of food–usually in the chocolate or ice cream variety. I missed being able to gush about my love life and hear about any prospects in theirs. I missed being a girl with other girls.

Every opportunity I get to spend with these girls is a gift and if they are reading, I want to say directly to you…thank you for being a rare treasure in my life.


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