>Worried about the Words

>When I was in college I learned (the hard way of course) to not bother with worry because it does not do a single thing except stress me out more to the point of illness and drive everyone around me absolutely batty. Of course, it is a process so even within the past year I have driven more than one family member to the point of insanity and supreme frustration, but I have definitely improved.

I say all of this while I am trying to effectively process my emotions about a very dear friend of mine. I am currently at the point where I want to drop everything I am doing and discard all of my plans to go smack her upside her head and shake her as I try to figure out what on earth she could possibly be thinking. I realize that this would be less effective than the desired outcome and thus, trying to refocus in a realistic and loving way. I guess it frustrates me so much because it breaks my heart.

I am one of the most pig headed people I know and there were times that I made my decision based on what everyone told me not to do. (side note–whenever you do that, expect it to come back and kick you in the butt…it really is just not a good idea, in any stretch of the imagination). Because I made decisions that way, I fell on my face and either got hurt or made myself look very foolish (which is what I was when I did that). Likewise, because of my own experiences, when I see someone who I love and care about making similarly destructive and unwise choices I want to instinctively reach out and shake some sense into them. I suppose, along with the letting go of the worriness that will only drive me crazy (as well as everyone around me), I am praying for the words.

I want to be honest and I know that I will probably offend her, but I want her to hear what I am saying and acknowledge why I am taking the time to say them in the first place. It is because I love her and don’t want to see her tripping herself. God gave us examples of where people messed up in the Bible so that we don’t have to make the same mistakes. Lord, let her have ears to hear my heart and your word.


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