>A hyenas vice will trip them up every time


In a fight off between a gorilla and a pack of hyenas, it causes me to pause and consider each vice these animals face. You see, gorilla's are the black sheep of the family. You know, the monkeys are the clowns of the family and make everyone smile and laugh. Baboons get the rep of being the wise ones and are always on call for one reason or another. Even the chimpanzees have a better life since someone decided that the were the connection in the animal world to the dominant humans. Now the gorilla, well he doesn't quite fit in. He's too big, too hairy, and creates a mess wherever he goes. That would cause a lot of pent up anger.

Now as far as the hyenas, well their a pack of siblings and other family members. Sure they all get on each others nerves, but family is family, but this benefit will lead to their down fall in this match.

You see, the gorilla is jealous because of being the outcast and here are these annoyingly noisy family of hyenas that are out to cause some ruckus. The gorilla tries to walk around them but one of the mangy hyenas decides to mess with him. Well that causes some of the other hyenas to join in the fun and some others to try to fend off the annoyance. So now we have the hyenas divided with half in favor of harassing the gorilla and the other in favor of just leaving him be (mainly because he's big and already looks kind of ticked off). This causes the fight to shift from hyena and gorilla to hyena side one against hyena side 2. At this point the gorilla walks away, while the hyenas battle it out amongst themselves.

Gorilla: 1 Hyenas :0 at least for now.


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