>God’s path in God’s time

>It is no secret among those who know me that I have a history of wandering around God’s will, fighting to be in control and do things the hard way. This, of course, lead to making things harder on myself and leading myself into difficult situations that could have easily avoided in the first place. With that said, I am finding the comfort and peace of finally being in God’s will.

It was not the easiest decision to quit my job as the economy was quickly tanking. I was guaranteed my job, a steady salary, and even the possibility of promotion when many others were being laid off. I was also positive that I was not in the job God had called me to. My husband and I agreed for me to quit and (at that time) focus on our wedding and then get into volunteer work once I moved to Orlando.

I have now been here for 5 months, during which time I have been volunteering as well as looking for a part time position to supplement our savings. Within that time I have begun volunteering for our church, as well as Samaritan’s Purse- Operation Christmas Child. Through this position I have met some people in Wycliffe (Bible translator missions) and I am in the process of getting signed up to volunteer with them as a Volunteer Advocate. Within the same week, I was introduced to someone with Wycliffe Associates who was looking for someone to fill a part time (paid) seasonal position, doing work very similar to the Volunteer position I was signing up for anyway. I am currently in the interview process, but whether I get it or not, it is all God. I wasn’t looking for a paid position with them, I was just looking to help out and this was presented to me.

It is very clear that I do not know what God’s timing is, but it is also very clear that I do not need to know. All I need to know is that God will come through, as he always does. I need to continue to trust him and know that while it may be a crazy ride, it will be the ride of a lifetime that I would never want to pass up.

Glory to God–for he is in control of my life and for that I praise Him!

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