>Busy-ness battling passion

>Busy-ness is an interesting distraction. I know that I am in God’s will with the volunteer work I am doing and I also know that I am in God’s will with the part time job I am working. So albeit, why am I so incredibly distracted by how busy my life has suddenly become?
I realized the other day as I was making phone calls for Wycliffe Associates, I had not written on my blog in weeks! Sure, much of what I write is meaningless ramblings of an ambling young adult, but it is important to me. I probe my own stance and my own opinions to dissect what I believe and to make me stronger. I Seek to work through my confusion on topics into clarity through the written word. I imagine myself entertaining even a few people as they stumble across this piece of my soul displayed for the world to read and choose to criticize or praise. In short…I miss writing.
So as it is already too late in contrast to my very early morning tomorrow, I must bid adieu (reminds me of Romeo and Juliet–haha) but with a touch of sadness in that I will have to reevaluate my priorities of time to fit in my love and passion of the written word. Until then, good night.


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