>Lifting up Prayer as I Have Been Called

>Have you ever had such a desire to pray for someone, to lift them up to God, that it caused a literal ache in your chest? It moved you to tears and kept you up until all hours of the night? I have heard phenomenal stories about people being prompted by the spirit to pray. It always resulted in a miracle. Whether missionaries saved from being robbed and killed in the jungle, or a long lost child giving their life to Christ in a life or death situation. It is something that I have always heard about but never truly experienced until today.

I have had a random name pop into my head and I try to always lift them up in prayer, but this time is different. It began with a dream that I remember even now. Then throughout the day this same person was on my heart and mind. I continued to pray. Then tonight, I have become overwhelmed with emotion, tears rolling down my face and a literal ache in my heart. I don’t know whats going on, but my heart is crying out.

She is my friend…my little sister…my role model of devotion to the calling of God. She is a beautiful woman who challenges me because I find that she is so much like me in many ways. Her tenacity is something that I know God can use and gifted her with to glorify Him. But somewhere along the way, I did something to upset her. While I was trying to give Godly counsel, it was not wanted and so ill received. I honestly don’t know if I was wrong in saying anything or not, and now it doesn’t really matter. God has laid her on my heart and I don’t know why. I worry for her, like I would worry about any of my family–blood relative or just a close friend. Whatever is going on in this moment, Lord, I lift her to you. You have guided her life through every turn. In every struggle, you were there. In the mountain tops of her life, you were there. In the future, you are there. Father God, I love her and I pray that she knows that and believes it. Jesus, she is yours and I pray that you guide her steps in the path that you designed just for her that she may see the full extent of your glory and blessing.
All glory to you, my God and Savior.


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