>Outside of "I" and Thinking about "U"

>The office is getting more quiet as the week goes on. My boss leaves tomorrow for a trip through Asia, one of the recruiters is already in Nepal. In a couple months, the recruiters will be going on a trip to Peru. I can not explain in plain words how much I love this organization and being a part of what they are doing. Wycliffe is changing lives. They are doing what Jesus told us to do in what is labeled the “great Commission.” We have missions here; we have translation projects around the globe; we have projects in the outer reaches of the areas outside of civilization.
The more I learn about missions, I find I am learning about myself. The reality is simple: It is not about me. Period. What I want, what I need…in the grand scheme of things, it is not about me.
We live in such a selfish culture. We abandon our friends and family when they disagree with us. We turn away from jobs when they aren’t bending over backwards to meet all of our demands. We live in a day and age when “I” is the most popular vowel. But what about “u”? Corny, I know, but in all seriousness…what would happen if for 5 minutes out of the day, we took time to not think about ourselves. What if in those 5 minutes, we thought about someone else (“U”). Now, I know that there are millions (billions) of people who give their lives for others. Unfortunately, I also know that in that count, there are those who do it in selfishness. How can that be, you ask. Well, when someone gives money to look good in public…it’s all about themselves. When someone goes on a mission trip to feel better about themselves…it is not about those people they are serving. It’s hard. I know I struggle with it at times, usually without even realizing that I was doing it. But I want to think outside of “I” and start focusing on “U”. I want to train myself to not only ask how people are doing, but to listen to their answer genuinely. I want to not act for my own desires, but take time and think about how those actions are going to affect everyone I am close to.
It is time to break the long running stroke of “I”. It is time to wake up and realize how much this world needs Jesus, and let him be the center of attention.


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