>An American Psalm

>This is something I wrote about a month ago and wanted to share. I pray that it is a blessing.

~~My prayer is to be an encourager of truth. I have been given the gift of prophesy, so Lord, I ask that you give me the wisdom to be able to utilize it effectively for your Kingdom. I know that I have a tendency to come off as abrasive and abrupt. Soften my delivery Lord, that the truth is delivered but in encouragement and not in condemnation. Help me to know my strengths and use them. Help me to be aware of my weaknesses and lift them to you to strengthen me more. I pray for wisdom and guidance to be a light in the world. Help me to glow in the dark, leading those who are lost into the light of your forgiveness and grace.~~

Psalm of American Redemption

Satan wields his sword, cutting America off at her knees.
He laughs to himself and brews as he thinks,
How dare she claim to be a Christian nation in this hell driven world!
She once held power…
Now look are her in her pitiful mess.
She too will go to hell,
With the rest of this God-forsaken creation…
But still there are people who love you Lord, and we cry out,
Come again and save us from disaster.
Show mercy on us and hear the cries of your children who weep for you.
Do not allow us to fall into the hands of the evil one;
Spare us from his vengeance.
Save us from the fire the spreads to consume us all.
LORD, save us from the mouth of the lion and pit of darkness.
May we praise you for the work you have done, for the promises you keep. For you are the Lord of all.


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