>Lightning from the Throne-Just a little thought


I love the description of heaven’s throne room found in Revelations 4. The grandeur and majesty spews from every word, every detailed description. It paints a detailed description into our minds of the awesome wonders we have to look forward to at the foot of our Lord God.

Last night, while Kyle and I were driving home, we had the distinct pleasure of our very own electric art show. A storm had passed over while we were at dinner but the lightning was still active and alive. There were flashed that lit up the sky, stretches the reached from cloud to cloud and several Zeus-like strikes that went straight from heaven to the ground of the earth (or whatever building happened to be in its path). While watching this symphony of light, Revelations 4 filled my mind and I was in awe. From the throne came flashes of lightning and the rumble of thunder” (Rev 4:5)

In that moment, I was gifted with a small view of God. He has promised that we are able to know him, though we will never be able to understand or fully comprehend him. In that moment, I knew God a little deeper and my reverence grew because of it. If the sky like I saw last night originated from the throne of God…wow! How great and mighty is my God! I look forward to the next glimpse I am given, that I can grow even more.

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