>Sin without Shame

>I am starting to see more and more that we are a generation of sin without shame. Whereas less than 50 years ago, it was beyond rebellious, pretty much unheard of, to live with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Respect was not an option, whether it be toward parents or a teacher, or any adult period. The idea of having a child outside of wedlock was astronomically uncouth and bared the equivalency of a scarlet letter.

Today, I am beginning to wonder what environment my daughter will be subject to as she grows. Even more than that, how do you convey the Gospel to a generation that does not regard sin as just that, sin. How do you explain to someone who sees nothing wrong with sex outside the confines of marriage, that God created this beautiful and sacred gift that should only be shared between husband and wife? On that note, how do you explain to someone that marriage in and of itself is to be between a man and a women, when, to that individual, that “religious ideal” is degrading and segregationist? The Gospel is built around the fact found in Romans that “ALL have sinned and fallen short.” So for those who don’t see wrong in their lives, where is the need for a Savior?

I know that I have well surpassed any quota of sin that could possibly exist, and yet I have found grace at the foot of the cross. Because of this I know that I too must extend grace and mercy to those around me who are steeped in sin. I understand that I am to love the sinner but hate the sin. I know all of that. What I don’t know is when that grace and mercy needs to be in tough love. When forgiveness is eternal and invariably available and should be offered unceasingly (especially from me-a sinner-to others), when do I switch from that shoulder to cry on when they have fallen to the man up approach?

I find it easy to sympathize with those who have fallen in the areas that I had struggled with (and thankfully, by God’s grace, overcame). Where is the line and how do I lead in this Sin without Shame generation without becoming condescending and judgmental?

2 thoughts on “>Sin without Shame

  1. >I agree so much Becca though I believe that the generation before yours is the one that really fell. Your generation is just reaping the consequences of my generation. All I can say is to love the people with God's love and hate the sin as you noted. Just always be ready to be rediculed and blasted for standing on what the Bible teaches.

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