>This weekend, through a series of events, I was able to go with 7 of our high school girls to a conference called The Revolve Tour. For anyone familiar with Women of Faith, it is from the same organization, just created especially for the quirkiness and wonderfulness that is a teenage girl.
Everything that this conference is doing is my heart’s desire. I love seeing girls being themselves. To forget, even if just for a couple days, about the judgments that are passed by others. To praise God with all of their hearts and to see Him in a new light.
I praise God for each of the 4,000 teenagers that took part in the conference in Lakeland, FL. I am thankful for all of the leaders who brought those girls. I pray that, because of a weekend of dreaming, lives will be changed.
I have so much more on my heart but, amazingly, I am at a loss for words. So I will close (as it is already much too late for me to be up) with an encouragement. To any girls reading this–you are beautifully and wonderfully made. God loves you for who you are, not who other people tell you that you need to be. Learn to love you and your life will be brighter and happier and more amazing than you could begin to comprehend.
To any parents/adults–tell your daughters and the young ladies in your life how special they are. Let them know that you care, even when you feel the gray hairs pushing through. Let them hear you say that you love them, that you think they are amazing. I know that teenagers (girls especially) have a tendency to pretend to not care…it’s a front. They want to know that you will always be there, even when they are at their very worst (and I am sure some of you parents think you’ve already experienced that first hand) 🙂 Love them for who they are…Princesses to the God of the Universe!

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