>Our Own Little Bubbles

>We live in a world of individual “comfort zones.” In his book, Outlive Your Lifehttp://rcm.amazon.com/e/cm?t=simpllivin-20&o=1&p=8&l=bpl&asins=0849920698&fc1=000000&IS2=1&lt1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr, Max Lucado refers to these as our clamshells. We have our bubble that we walk gingerly within and pray that something doesn’t come along and pop it.

We that God for the blessings he has provided and fell sad when we see a homeless man, dishuveled and unbathed, sleeping beneath the freeway. A single shopping cart holding all of his earthly belongings. “Oh,” we say to ourselves. “I wish we could do more to help.” Then we turn away, blow up our little bubble and don’t dare to step closer to that man, at the possibility that our little world could be torn beyond mending.

We like the idea of sending a check, but if an opportunity to go in and get our hands dirty, our bubble is blown up around us. Because we maintain this comfort zone mentality, we shrink our potential to change the world.

A.W. Tozer once said that, “when we bring God down to our level we are left with a God that can’t astonish us.” We like God to fit inside our lives, our bubbles, rather than chasing after Him. God has gifted us all with such unique gifts that when we settle to live within our comfort zone, we are settling to live safe. Mark Batterson says it best. “Jesus didn’t die to keep us dafe, he died to make us dangerous.” (Chasing the Wild Goose)

If each of us to a single step outside of our own little safty bubbles, what would we be able to accomplish? I’m not even suggesting extreme change. I am proposing that we each take a step out. That a single step would open doors to a drastic change that we can’t even imagine.

What was the final command Jesus left his disciples with before returning to heaven?
“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” (Mat. 28:19)
Jesus’ last command can be simplified into a single word–GO. A command, not a suggestion. It is a simple directive that leaves no room for question, complaint, or confusion. And yet, we (more often than not), respond with a resounding “no.”

Who are we to do anything except obey and still we are audacious enough to cast this instruction aside as though it were merely another man’s suggestion.
GO. Step out of your bubble and cast away the safety net. And be ready to be amazed at the Glory that God is sure to reveal to you in your obedience.


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