>Just Out of Reach

>My daughter figured out how to roll over from her back to her stomach this past week. Now, every time I lay her down on her play-mat, she will flip over. The problem is, while she is physically able, she will rarely flip herself back from tummy to back. I find myself amazed watching her. My four month old will flip to her stomach and proceed to try and figure out a way to move (what will later result in scooting and subsequently, crawling). She grabs onto the mat; she legs try to find traction. Finally, frustrated and tired, she starts to cry because she can’t quite figure it out. She wants to move, but her body does not have the coordination to make it happen, yet.
I find that we are like this a lot. We see something that we want and we flip over to ascertain it, only to become frustrated in the pursuit because we aren’t quite ready for that venture. I think God planned it that way. Not that we would fail, but that while we were still spiritually immature, there would be certain things that we would not be able to reach on our own. We had to get to the point of crying out to God to help us. Sometimes, that means He will move that thing that we desire within our reach. But sometimes, it means that he will pick us up, comfort us, and lay us down to try again, knowing that the journey and the struggles help us to grow and mature.
As I picked up my crying little girl, she is now content to just sit on my lap. I know that when I lay her down, she will try to get the toy again, even though it is just out of her reach. But for now, she is content just to be with me. Do we give find that much peace in the arms of our Heavenly Father? Or are we so focused on what we want that we push him aside as he tries to comfort and reassure us?

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