More Than Just Head Knowledge

Faith transcends knowledge.

There is a show that was aired in the early millennium (I think it started in 2004) called Numb3rs.  The premise of the show is built around an FBI agent and his brother who is a brilliant mathematician who will help him solve cases using different math theories.  I love crime dramas anyway (don’t know why, just do) and I found this one on Netflix (lets hear it for entire series on instant play!).

What I love so much about this quote is that it came from a character who is so incredibly brilliant that religion/beliefs are typically dismissed.  But instead they acknowledged that there is something more.

I posed this quote online to gather some opinions.  My favorite was a very dear friend of mine who was able to point to very specific instances in her life when knowledge caused the situation to look very bleak (for example, her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer).  But it was in faith that there was hope.  God has been working in and through all of these difficulties to help her grow and bring her closer to him.

What I love so much is that this quote does not negate the importance of knowledge.  We need knowledge to grow and teach others.  It is a gift, but it says that while knowledge is important (integral even), faith goes deeper.  It gives us hope when science tells us there is none.  It gives us confidence when our surroundings are trying to break us down.  It is that one thing that doesn’t make sense, but that you know without a shadow of a doubt. Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”  It is that faith that brings us blessings and assurance from Jesus.  There is nothing greater.

“You believe because you have seen, but blessed are those who have not seen, and still believe.”

One thought on “More Than Just Head Knowledge

  1. What I find so interesting is the connection between faith and wisdom. One is unable to exist without the other and yet our society today connects knowledge and wisdom. Close scrutiny will reveal that often knowledge and wisdom are polar opposites of each other.

    God has really been stressing on me the importance of seeking wisdom. I find that as I move in the direction that He is guiding me, faith is building.

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