Passionate Priorities

Passions very often direct our priorities.  Sometimes this is a completely rational decision, whereas other times the irrationality overwhelms even the most basic common sense.  I am passionate about a lot of things: family, my faith, people who can’t speak for themselves, teenagers.  As God continues to grow me, I continue to develop stronger passions in certain areas.  Some would claim that it is irrational to leave a salaried position, with benefits, to go into a position where I am required to raise support.  Some would say that I might as well join the loony bin at the rate I’m going when I step down from the position where I was at least raising support to be a volunteer until God tells me otherwise.  Practically speaking, it was nice to have a consistent paycheck coming in every two weeks.  Practically speaking, it was important to have a job to help support my family and our goals.  Passionately speaking, God was calling me into missions and I needed a year to learn what it would be like.  Passionately speaking, God was telling me that my next step had presented itself and I needed to trust Him to take it.

The biggest encourager of my passions has always been my Heavenly Father.  He is the one who created me to be a passionate person and he is the one who helps cultivate those passions from simply ideas into realities.  It is a long road but it began by getting my priorities straight.

Sunflowers are wonderful pictures of what our priority should be.  As the sun rises, crosses through the sky and then sets at night, the face of a sunflower will follow its path.  From the beginning of the day to the end, they focus on their life source.  The sun gives them the nourishment they need to survive.  In the same way, we should focus ourselves on the Son.  From the moment we wake up, until we go to sleep each night, our faces should be looking to Him for our nourishment.  Jesus provides us with the “bread of life” (John 6:35) and the “living water” (John 4:10-14).  He is everything that we need.  Through Him, our needs are met and our passions can become realities.  But He must first become our priority.


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