God’s Will Part 1

Why should I bother trusting God?  “God’s will” is this infamous phrase that will start wars as well as initiate peace. It will unite and it will divide.  It leaves some with the courage to step out in faith whereas others are too hesitant to “go against the will of God” that they never discover all of the joy that is at their fingertips.

Google provides over 12 million hits for links involving “God’s will.”  But even after reading through a handful of them, the Christian jargon and infinitely ambiguous answers left me confused as to their true answers and definitions.  What I can gather, no one, myself included, has a perfect answer and definition.
What I do know is that God has given us countless reasons why we should trust him and seek his direction in our decisions.  I wouldn’t even try to hammer out all of those reasonings, but I will highlight six of them.

  1. God is the God of knowledge.  He knows everything.
  2. God knows what lies in heart of every man.
  3. Not only does he know what is in our hearts, he
    searches them and understands our intent.
  4. God sees things done in secret
  5. God knows all of our needs.
  6. And ultimately nothing happens apart from God’s ultimate will (yes this is the highly philosophical, thus debatable, ideal)

Is it difficult to live a life “according to the will of God?”  Not as much as some will try to make it out to be.  Of course there are trials and hurdles along the way, but it wouldn’t be a journey if every answer was given to us from the start.  As I believe, and have said before, why would I want to bother worshiping a God I can completely understand?  There is nothing that would allow that God to be worthy of my praise if I understood every detail.  I might as well worship myself at that point (which, sadly, many people do).

Scripture, our elders, mentors, and even our own common sense helps guide us on the path God has marked out for us.  He uses all of these and more to help map the way but ultimately we make the decision (insert tangent on free will
here).  God’s will is simply his desire to be close to us and have a relationship with us.  It is his desire for our salvation through his son Jesus.  God’s will is that we look outside of our own lives and reach out to others around us and learn to
love others as much as we love ourselves.
God’s will is simply God’s desire, his heart for us.

 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

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