Stop Doing Nothing About Sin

When sin is stripped down to its barest form, I would say that sin is essentially selfishness.  In the garden, Eve took the apple because she wanted to be knowledgeable, to be God.  Adam didn’t stop her because he was being selfish in his responsibilities, ignoring his job to look out for the well being of his wife.  David sinned because he saw a woman that he couldn’t have.  Judas sinned because he wanted the money.

When you love yourself more than everyone else, you are more likely to allow them to become exploited.  This depraved sense of self and worth.  You have said that you are better than everyone else and you don’t care about what happens to them because this is what you want.

It’s difficult to hear when it is said so bluntly isn’t it?  But we do this every day.  We go through life cutting people off in traffic because we need to get somewhere (saying that our schedule is the most important), making rude and sarcastic comments (because our opinions are the only ones that could possibly be valid), even ignoring our families (because our down time is more important than loving and supporting our family).  We don’t even think about it anymore because it has, sadly, become an innate part of who we are.  It is what we are taught as children (you are special and unique taken to the extreme) and thus who we become as adults.

In our history and in our society today, one of the most detrimental and perverted forms of selfishness is through the act and practice of slavery.  “But slavery doesn’t exist today,” you might say.  Human trafficking is modern day slavery and it is rampant all over the world, including in the United States.

The UN conservatively estimates that there are 2.5 million victims at any one time in every region of the world.  Of that number, 79% is sexual exploitation.  I want emphasize again that this is not just something that happens overseas, far away, not affecting us here in the States.  The State Department says that there are around 18,000 foreign nationals are brought into the United States annually.  Not just that, but they also say that 300,000 children within the United States are at risk for being trafficked into the sex industry.  This is not just some problem that the rest of the world deals with.  It is happening in our own country and is sin in its raw and disgusting state.

We as Christians like to close our eyes to sin of this nature.  If we close our eyes, it will no longer exist.  We convince ourselves that there is only so much that we can do and areas, like human trafficking, do not directly affect us so are not as vital or important.  But in closing our eyes, we are acting selfishly.

God’s heart is breaking from the perversion that Satan has created in the world.  How can we not be broken hearted over this?  How can we stand by and do nothing?  If nothing else, we need to pray and tell the world.  We need to make it known the atrocities that are still occurring around us.  We like our bubbles and we do what we have to to ensure that they are never popped.  It’s time to shift into a point of discomfort.  We need to be willing to cry out to God in prayer and to inform those around us.  We need to look beyond our selfish nature.  We need to stop doing nothing.

“All that evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing.”


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