Politics and Religion=Taboo

I am brought back to a common theme this morning.  I, admittedly, gain the bulk of my current affairs updates through twitter.  It saves time from having to scroll through elongated explanations of stories that are usually irrelevant or just plain depressing.  I want to be informed about what is going on without being bogged down by the needlessly depressing details.  They create news that sells and misery has proven to create a very large profit margin.  That aside, by “following” several different new sources, I am able to see the common themes, read more details about the stories that interest me, or simply be satisfied by the limited letter usage for each “tweet.”  There was one that peaked my interest this morning, though I should have known better.

The New York Times cited an article,  “Omitting Clergy at 9/11 Ceremony Prompts Protest.”  There has been quite a bit of build up leading to the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.  Some has been focused on the families and loved ones lost in such a monumental tragedy.  Others have been claiming conspiracy theory and governmental cover up.  Whatever your view of the attacks, the media’s hype about everything else has begun to debilitate our ability to respect the lives that were lost on that day.

This particular article got me riled up in a way that I have, in recent years, been able to avoid.  One this you should know about me, is that I take the history of our country seriously.  I believe that we are a country that was created on Christ, not on procedures and addendum’s that limit us, rather that give us great freedom.  I do acknowledge and respect that we are a country that has opened it’s doors (until fairly recently) to welcome in great diversity.  That diversity comes that a variety of opinions and beliefs.  I know this and I do respect it.  What I do not appreciate is a generation of people who believe that simply because my faith rests in a relationship with God, my voice should be limited.  I do not appreciate people throwing phrases like, “separation of church and state” around when they obviously do not know the meaning of that phrase as it pertains to non-court mandated laws.  The court system is not in existence to create or re-create laws as they see fit; they are to enforce the laws that are in place.  That is why a three-tiered system was devised in the first place.  A form of checks and balances (ring any bells from high school history and government class?)

You see when people begin arguing about, “a baptist minister should be included,” or, “‘WE’ ARE a secular country” we loose focus on what really matters.  We have become a secular nation, that is not how it was intended.  Baptist, Methodist, non-denominational, who cares!  When we argue like this we are not reflecting Jesus and so we might as well not have his name thrown around.  Rather than argue about a ceremony, which I am sure will, in the end, be very respectful and commemorative, why don’t we shut up and actually pray for our nation.  We, Christians, have allowed politics to take over where Jesus never wanted it.  Jesus acknowledged that God established government and even told us to “give to Ceasar what is Cesars.”  But in the end, it is all God’s.  Everything belongs to him and to glorify him, we need to get over ourselves and to focus on him.

Read me clearly, I am NOT in favor of “coexist.”  It can not happen.  You see, there is one God, one savior, and one way to heaven.  Sadly, that means that a lot of people are getting it wrong.  I do not say this to be arrogant, simply a statement of fact.  If you have different opinions, you are entitled to them.  HOWEVER, your opinions, different as they may be, do not allow you the right to say that my opinions should not be heard simply because you do not like what they imply.  We have freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion.  Bear that in mind and I pray that we will focus on prayers for our nation, because if nothing else,THAT is self evident.

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