Everyday Blessings

I try to be an optimist, glass half full type of person.  I really do.  Generally, I do well and then have this wave of pure, retched pessimism that takes over.  But, what I am realizing is that if I get my head out of this negative-focus rut, God is giving me constant reminder to how incredibly blessed my life is.

One of those reminders happened today.  I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with my friend and boss for lunch to touch base on the girl’s ministry for TheCity.  While we discussed both good and bad, it wasn’t even comments on the ministry that touched me the most.  It was on my marriage and my husband.

I think I do pretty well at appreciating my husband, but the reality is, I know that I can always do better.  In a simple conversation, not centered around my marriage or my husband, that is what I felt the most grateful for at the end of the day.  So, I let him know.

I call Kyle quite a bit while he is at work.  Thankfully for me, he doesn’t get in trouble for it.  But unlike others where I’m bored, or frustrated with our daughter, or even to just see what time he will be home for dinner, this was a call simply to say I love you (*insert Lionel Richie song here*…and yes, it is going through my head.  If you are young and/or uncultured, having no idea what I’m talking about, click here.)  I didn’t want to complain.  I wasn’t even calling to tell him the new exciting thing our daughter had done.  I wanted to remind him how much I loved him and to let him know how blessed I felt to have him for a husband and a best friend.

My goal is to acknowledge those little blessings because they are what my life so wonderful.  To focus on them better, I am using one of my little notebooks to write them down.  It covers everything from having a husband that helps around the house, to a daughter that is healthy and happy, to having a church family that loves me and our family.

What little every day blessings do you have in your life?

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