Love of a Mother 101

Last week I posted about some of the areas that God is growing me.  This week I am reminded of just important they are through a blog I just read.  I found it through a Pinterest post (good grief Pinterest is addicting!), and simply fell in love with her words and phrasing.  It captured my heart and brought tears to my eyes (and I’m pretty sure I would have cried even if I wasn’t 28 weeks pregnant).  So take a minute and read “Rules for Mothers of Daughters“…

If you have a daughter, $10 bucks says you had to wipe away a couple tears of your own.  It’s okay.  That’s how it is supposed to be and I guess that’s my point.

I adore my daughter.  Each age she reaches, I say that it is my favorite.  I love that she is beginning to show her independence and personality now.  She smiles at the things she likes, even laughs at them.  She wants me to hold her and would rather be with me than anyone.  Now, this is not me saying that I love her toddler tantrums that have already begun at 19 months, or that I don’t also thoroughly enjoy the hour or two that I have to relax during her naps, but there is so much that I am able to cherish right now.  Girls are the best.  I know, everyone with sons is going to argue me on this, but I am excited that come the end of September we will have another little girl to lavish and adore.

When I read that blog, I thought of my mom.  I never once questioned her love for me.  At the age of 6, when asked what we wanted to be when we grew up, everyone else was saying doctor or astronaut or teacher, I answered “a mom.”  She was (is) that good at it 🙂  She was my Girl Scout leader, the school (and county) PTA president, band parent, and biggest supporter.  We fought (pretty regularly in middle and high school…and the first year of college), but I never doubted that she loved me fiercely.  She put her aspirations on hold because my sister and I were always her priority.  She didn’t work outside the home until I was halfway through elementary school and she completed her college degree once we had graduated high school.  But while she always put us first, she did such amazing things on her own as well (see #6 on the list from the blog).  I was so proud of who she was and that she was (again, is) an independent woman who will speak out for those who can’t speak for themselves.  She has always been my example and my role model.

That’s what I want for my girls.  I want them to be proud to call me their mom.  I want to give them not just what they need but to help them be molded into who God wants them to be.  I long for them to live passionately for God and to be willing to take risks to do that.  It scares me because I am so powerless in this, but I can love them powerfully so that they know that I am always there for them.

That’s why I know that, for now, I need to stay home with them.  That’s why I know that God has given me a dream and a passion, but that some of those will come later on in my life.  That right now, my girls are my number one dream and passion.  That loving and raising them is the priority that God has placed in my life.  And I am so grateful.  Grateful that I have been given the opportunity to love someone so deeply that I see God’s love for me in a new light.  I can grasp at that unfathomable love that comes from a parent and know that I am still only seeing the broken picture of my heavenly Father’s love for me.  But at least it’s a fragment.  And it’s one that I treasure.

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