You know you’re the parent of a toddler when…

So for those of you who may not know (though if you know me personally, then you most certainly know), my (seemingly pointless at this point in time) major is political science.  I began my college career as a journalism major but due to an unfortunate disagreement with a professor regarding the work I had completed (or not as she was claiming), I failed the prerequisite for a journalism major and needed a new major.  At the same time, I was in one of the intro classes for political science, had a great professor, and thus, changed my major.  Of course I had aspirations within my major (military relations with a focus on the middle east to be exact), but “things” got in the way and changed my priorities.  That’s basically a nice way to say that after I met my husband, my focus became to simply get my degree and find a job and put my energies behind getting married to the man I had fallen in love with.  It worked out beautifully, but I ended up with a degree that really isn’t relevant to anything that I am doing (or feel God calling me to do).

That being said, I have plenty of opinions on what is going on in the political world right now (from the Presidential election, to the craziness with Chick-fil-a, to most of the “hot topics” that litter our news feeds).  HOWEVER, I am so sick of hearing everyone’s opinions (both the one’s I agree and disagree with) that I have decided to not write anything about them (sorry, may sound a little close minded but it is to the point that I am so annoyed by all of it that I’m not exceptionally rational in my responses and reasoning.  And that is no way to write an informed opinion.)  The only thing I will say is that the government needs to stop getting involved with issues that the government has no business getting involved with.  There.  We’re done.

Instead, I thought it would be fun to rally with my fellow parents on those wonderful (and some not so wonderful) reminders that we are in the toddler world.  So, with that being said, here are a few to start off…

You know you are the parent of a toddler when…

1. The songs in your head are no longer from the Top 20, but instead from children’s shows or the kids app on your phone

2.  You find yourself referring to the bathroom as the “potty” no matter what company you are in

3. You have become “that customer” at a restaurant where anyone who walks by your table can tell what was eaten by the food that is on the floor

4. (I haven’t hit this yet, but I’ve already begun to notice that I’m doing it) The first thing you do whenever you walk into a new store or restaurant is locate the bathrooms

5. Your schedule is built entirely around nap time.  Period.  There are few to no exceptions for this (unless they would like to deal with the monster your toddler morphs into when they miss their nap).

6. You know what each cry means and when you actually need to pay attention to it

7.  You eat your meals with a baby spoon…just because that’s what you have on hand

8. It’s 2:00 in the afternoon before you remember that you still haven’t showered yet.

9. You always have a snack on hand (whoever came up with individually wrapped granola bars is my hero…seriously)

Obviously there are tons more and I want to hear your favorites 🙂  So let me hear from you and I’ll add them to the list!


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