Clinging to that Perfect Moment

I think that a lot of people would be able to describe some time in their life as a perfect moment.  When they were proposed to, their college graduation (finally), their wedding, the birth of a child.  I have described all of those moments as perfect in their own right, but I had what I consider a truly perfect moment in the midst of a completely ordinary day that almost makes more of an impact than any of those.

Sunday is our family’s Sabbath.  I don’t think we necessarily rest as much as we should (as God commands), we still do some of those “to-do” items that haven’t gotten done the rest of the week, but we do take the day to relax and spend time together as a family.  With a (almost) 21 month old, rest and relaxation is hard to nail down but there was one moment that was what I think God would call true rest.  Kyle and I were lying in bed, half napping, when our daughter woke up from her nap.  Knowing my poor husband who just finished a 25 hour day needed the sleep and my 8 month pregnant body also needed the rest, I brought our daughter into our room, gave her my phone to watch some videos and laid back down next to both of them.  It was in that brief moment, my daughter resting in my arms, my other daughter moving just slightly in my womb, and my husband resting beside me that I knew that our life was perfect.  That moment was perfect.

You may be saying that perfection is impossible in this life.  The world is broken.  We can’t comprehend what perfection in the sense of God actually looks like.  But in that moment, surrounded by my family, not wanting anything, finding complete contentment with our situation and not distracted by anything else, I believe that God gave my heart a glimpse of what true perfection looks (feels) like.  The rest of the world could have been crumbling around us, but we were given a gift.

It made me wonder, how many other perfect moments has God given me that I have been too distracted to even notice, let alone enjoy and savor?  Technology is a wonderful thing.  We’re able to travel distances in hours that would have taken months.  We can keep in contact with people minute to minute, even when they are half-way around the world.  Lives are being saved and improved.  But it is a massive distraction.  Between the smart phone, the tv, and the computer, I spend more time with electronics than I do with people.  But those moments that God gives us don’t happen with a piece of technology; they happen with people.  They happen when we allow ourselves to honestly give God our burdens and instead take his comfort.  They happen when we are able to detach ourselves from our to-do lists and the ever growing fear that we need to put in just a couple more hours at work to secure our jobs, and instead sit down (at the table) to a family dinner.  They happen when we have real conversations with people and learn their heart a little more.

My goal is to not allow the blessings in my life (and they are plentiful) to distract me from the greater blessings that happen when I rest in Jesus.  It’s more difficult than I would like to admit, but in a world that is constantly trying to distract me from the perfection that is Jesus, it is more than just something to desire, it is necessary.


One thought on “Clinging to that Perfect Moment

  1. You are so right on here, Becca. Satan has used busyness and distraction since the fall of mankind to attempt to take our eyes off of God. In the past 20 years though, this seems to have taken exponetial leeps as we constantly try to “keep in touch”. We can talk instantly around the world to millions, we know what is happening in an instant, and yet we are our communication seems to have been reduced to 140 characters at the maximum. You truely found that perfect God moment and He has so many more for each of us if we will just put down the remote, the cell phone, the computer, and so forth. Just be and let God amaze you!

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