Emmanuel is the reason.

I love Christmas.  I love the music (most of it).  I love the lights and decorations.  I love the time with family (and friends that might as well be family).  Mostly, I love that it is a celebration of Emanuel, which literally means “God with us.”

That’s what Christmas is all about (as Linus so eloquently put it).  Emmanuel.

The reason that the birth of Jesus is celebrated in the winter is irrelevant.  Honestly, I can’t imagine Jesus getting all out of sorts because we are celebrating his birthday on the wrong day (or in the wrong season).  The point is Jesus.

I know that I’m sounding redundant, but I’m trying to make a point.  It’s easy to say that Christmas is more than all of the commercialism that bogs us down.  It’s not about the presents or the parties, or the decorating.  But I would imagine that even most Christians would say that Christmas is about family (and Jesus of course).  But if it isn’t solely about Jesus, what’s the point?

Yes, Christmas allows us a fantastic opportunity to come together for a moment in time to spend with people that we may or may not get to see very often.  It allows us the opportunity to set aside differences for a day and love one another without expectations.  It allows us the opportunity to give and share our blessings with so many that have nothing.  But, why just on Christmas?

You see, without Jesus, all of those wonderful opportunities mean nothing.

Family, friends, gifts, decorations, even charitable donations…they are all temporary.  Jesus is eternal.


They say for everything there is a season,

but this season is the reason

the reason that we celebrate

Emmanuel, God with us.


You see these gifts, this music,

even our family and friends.

None of it matters because everything ends.


But Christ,

came to earth as a baby

to save us all and just maybe

we should focus on him.


For even as  child he challenged the norm all the while

knowing the reason that he was born.

born of a virgin, a child herself,

to save the world, to save us from ourselves

to die on a cross, to rise from the grave,

for it is our eternal souls he desires to save.


We buy and spend and cash in on

our own desires and wants

and even as we claim to give

we neglect to give

our lives to the Christ who was born to save us all.


For Jesus is the reason for the season

a season of love and forgiveness

a season to give and to celebrate

a season to evaluate our lives

for this season will soon come to an end

and what will be left then?


Brightly colored paper, ribbons, and bows?

Tighter pants and midsections that have grown?

Or will it be hearts that are forever changed

won for the Kingdom of Christ, our king?


For unto us a Son is given

Unto us a child is born.

…and he will be lying in a manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes

and his name shall be


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