Conversation starters

I had my first “conversation” with Samara (my 2 year old) today.  For those of you with children, you may remember how they begin with a plethora of words (Samara’s may or may not have been relevant to anything around her).  But this morning I had a coherent (albeit imaginative) conversation.

I walked into her room this morning and she was smiling on her bed.  


“Yeah, that’s your toy phone.  Who are you calling?”


“Oh, you’re calling Daddy at work?”

“No, he’s sleeping.” (she actually said seeping but, you get the idea)

“He’s sleeping?  So you’re going to wake him up?”

(she proceeds to make the call on her play phone)

“Hello? Heellloo? Hellooo?”

“Did you talk to daddy?”

“No, he’s sleeping.”

Haha.  I love it!  As my baby continues to grow older, I am amazed by her.  I’m amazed by her personality becoming more and more apparent.  I’m amazed by her heart showing up in little things, like this conversation.  

What a blessing. Seriously one of the best moments of parenting thus far.Image


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