Living a social media life (ramblings)

We are living in a completely different world than I grew up in and that’s saying a lot considering the fact that I’m not even thirty yet.  I remember when I was allowed to ride my bike (by myself) around the neighborhood.  I remember phones that had cords and very few people had cell phones.  Those few that had cell phones, they were almost exclusively for work and they were HUGE!  I also remember my dad having a pager for work at one time.  I remember having a better memory, seriously.  I knew everyone’s phone numbers and addresses.  Now I couldn’t even tell you my parent’s phone numbers.  I remember when AOL was it for internet and dial up was the only option.  It was faster than nothing so no one knew the difference.

Today, I’m worried that my kids won’t be able to play in the front yard, let alone ride their bikes around the neighborhood by themselves for fear that some psycho is going to grab them off the street.  Very few people even have land lines any more.  If they do, they also have cell phones.  No one knows anyone’s phone numbers.  It’s all stored on their phones, which is why when something happens to our precious commodities, we’re up a creek without a paddle.  Don’t even get me started on addresses (my mom finally got me an address book so I wouldn’t have to call her every time I sent a letter or invitation out to family).  Does anyone still use AOL?  I mean seriously.  AIM is no longer needed with texting.  And if I have to wait longer than a few seconds for a page to load, I go and check the router to make sure everything is working okay.

We live our lives through social media.  Don’t get me wrong, I find Facebook useful, I get my news from Twitter, and I have a serious addiction to Pinterest (serious).  But, how often do we count on a Facebook message to talk to people rather than taking the time and (here is a novel idea) actually talking  to people?

I love the ease in communication that these sites have created.  I can post pictures for extended family to see, I can get in touch with people in other countries.  In reality, a lot of my life is displayed online for the world to see and I’m modest in posting.  I think about the kids that are growing up with all of this (I know, I realize that I’m still young, but the generation has shifted…I may be a millennial kid–is that even the right term?, but these kids are growing up in a completely different technological age).  What effect will living our lives in such a widely public manner have on our families?

I didn’t even begin to hash in on blogging (which I love).  That’s become something unique all within itself.  We are able to publish without any editors to go through, no matter what the content, if it is marketable or not, if anyone even remotely cares or not.  We are able to publish even despite the harsh reality that some are not even good at writing (if you count me in this category: 1. keep it to yourself, and 2. Why are you even reading this?)

I guess I don’t have a real point (fantastic example of mindlessness being published that would never make it to the desk of an editor, let alone the publisher).  It’s entirely musing over the thoughts that are keeping me up in the middle of the night.

On a related note, my new blog format should be responsive for all methods of reading 🙂  Another sign of the times, I suppose.

One thought on “Living a social media life (ramblings)

  1. Good reflections and questions. I do wonder how growing up in pretty much a public forum will affect my girls. Good read

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