SPECIAL: “What makes a GOOD COACH?” | Competitive Advantage: Sports Psychology and Mental Toughness

SPECIAL: “What makes a GOOD COACH?” | Competitive Advantage: Sports Psychology and Mental Toughness.


This has been a somewhat challenging year for me as a lacrosse coach.  In all honesty, I have thought more than once, “is it worth it?”  Then I talk to the head coach, who I am blessed by and can honestly say that if I judged her by the list in the link above, she is definitively a good coach.  She and I are best friends and I know that had I been doing this without her, I probably would have thrown in the towel.  She encourages me and makes me want to be a better coach as well.

But it’s not just her.  I genuinely love the girls on the team that I coach.  They are crazy and so uniquely gifted that it’s hard not to laugh along side them at the dumbest things that I am so glad I don’t have to deal with any more (I am one of those who would NEVER want to return to high school…you couldn’t pay me enough to even reconsider).

We have a team that is comprised of mostly new players and I look at where they started at the beginning of the season (only 2 short months ago), and where they are now.  They will be amazing, no exaggeration.  They have the skills and most of them are putting in the work to get better.

But, we have had a tough season.  I come home from every game wondering if I am a terrible coach and what on earth I can do to help them get better.  Then I came across this article.  I found it encouraging that I am doing a lot of things right.  Of course, there are areas that I still need a lot of work, but it put things in perspective for me.

For tonight, I have done what I can and tomorrow, we will try some more at practice.

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