Organizing Chaos and a Reluctant Send Off

I have such a jumbled hodgepodge running races through my head right now.  So, in a very organized sort of way, I’ll go from least to greatest in relative importance (especially to anyone else besides myself).

1. I really want to create a potted herb garden and several stacked floral planters.  I know where to put the stacked planters (I have a good spot right out front), but I can’t think of a spot sunny enough that would be conducive for the herb garden.  I may just have to do it and then decide on a place.

(Like I prefaced-warned-not important to anyone but me.  Not even interesting really…oh well, it’s out there now).

2. UF has my degree!  Anyone who knows me personally or via Facebook already knows this as I have already announced it to the world (don’t judge, it’s exciting that I may get accepted straight into the University of Florida…I had to transfer in for my bachelor’s).  Moreover, it sounds like the best fit (program wise) and it’s the least expensive (at a whopping $16,000…wow I hope I can find some scholarships.  If you are a philanthropist looking for a good cause, I wouldn’t object!)

3. I’m going to Romania in July!  I’ll do a post later with more detail about this, but I am already getting excited.  I’m nervous when I consider the fact that I’m leaving the country and Kyle will be staying with both girls.  Yeah, his mom is coming down to help, but the control freak in me is rearing it’s head and it’s only May.

Also I am raising support to go on this trip (again, that same philanthropist can donate to this cause as well.  Or if your a less endowed philanthropist, this may be more your cup of tea).  I’ve received my first check toward the trip and I am already blown away by the generosity my friend has shown me.  Humbled would probably be the more appropriate word.  Seriously, I have amazing friends and I do not feel worthy of y’all.  But I’m thankful that you stick by me and support me for exciting adventures like this one! (Can’t wait to tell you more about the trip!  Look for a post in the beginning of June.  That’s when I’ll get some more information).

*see?  I’m progressively getting more interesting and more pertinent to anything besides my own crazy decorating schemes.  Though, there are hundreds of blogs that have an astounding amount of followers that talk in detail about those very things.  I follow a number of them and often feel so inadequate as a stay at home mom.  Man, can these women accomplish a lot!

and last but certainly not least…

4. Senior banquet for TheCity (our church’s youth) was tonight.  Impressively, I did not cry (full out, I teared up more than once but they did not fall from my eyes, thus, I did not cry).  It was (is) emotional because these are the students that I am talking about when I refer to “my girls” in the context of students at church.  They were the first class I worked with when we came to Vista and now, they are all grown up and graduating.

Part of me is upset because many students at this junction move on and forget about the relationship.  And that’s ok, good even.  It means that they are growing and becoming their own person.  They are seeking mentorship and discipleship from those people in their lives who can speak into their current situation.  Of course I have some of the girls who keep in touch with me, but on whole, they develop their own life and I remain a part of their past.

Please don’t misunderstand me.  I’m not upset because I get left behind.  I am humbled to have been able to play a part at all, truly.  I’m sad because that part is over and it’s always hard to say goodbye.  Because these girls are beyond amazing and I am so excited to see where God takes them and all the things that they will do and accomplish.

I’m more humbled because it’s these girls that revealed my passion for working with teenagers.  They are the reason I am looking at a master’s program to learn how to successfully create and run my own nonprofit that will serve as a resource to other teenage girls.

God has blessed abundantly with these relationships.  Tonight I knew I couldn’t speak specifically to all of them without 1. taking forever, and 2. bawling like a baby.

This is the official end of an incredible chapter, but like I said before, an exciting beginning for all that lies ahead.

Girls (Hannah, Shelby, Becca, Megan, Kaeli, Meghan, Julia, Emily, Jessica, and Lydia),

I love you guys.  You have been such a joy to lead (most of the time).  You all are so incredibly gifted in so many beautiful ways.  Your tenacity and creativity always kept me on my toes as a leader.  I am honored to have been a part of your lives these past 4 1/2 years (most of you).  Thank you for allowing me that privilege.  God has such incredible plans for you.  Trust him in this journey, especially when that seems like the most difficult choice.  Lean on that wisdom you have gained through your relationship with Him and allow him to direct your paths.  I promise, he has such greater plans for you than you could ever dream of on your own.

I love you all,



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