I am…

Over the past few weeks, my church has been doing a series titled “Irreligious.”  It’s one of those series that I imagine in the hands of another pastor, another perspective, it could be incredibly “PC.”  But one of the many reasons I love and appreciate my church (and its leadership) is the wisdom that they are able to use in approaching a topic like this.  The reality is that Jesus was “irreligious” by the standards of the “religious leaders” of his day, but neither was he “PC.”

I am grateful for series like this because I find that it challenges me in how I have approached my own faith.  My beliefs aren’t going to change, but how I present them to others or how I understand the truths that I know can grow and adapt as I learn what it means to be more like Jesus.  I can know what Jesus said.  I can know what scriptures tell me are true.  But am I living in those truths.  Do my actions show those things that Jesus said as how I live my life?

With that in mind, and with the inspiration of the skills and talents of my wonderful husband’s work, I have found myself writing poetry/spoken word.  It focuses around the concept of “I am.”  Who I am, who the I AM is, and how to live the life that represents him.  Below is a piece that I wrote a little while back.  Because it is written as a spoken word, I’ll try to record how I read it and post it as soon as I get it, but for now…here it is:

I am broken.
a mass of bones pieced together in intricate detail and yet,
it is dying.
in the same way a flower sprouts from the ground, reaching toward the light of the sun only to wither in it’s heat.
you see I am broken.
continually failing to achieve
next great accomplishment to
achieve that next great accomplishment to
achieve nothing better than sounding like a broken record.
I am broken.
living in a broken world where
broken people break.
but where I am not able to put these broken pieces back together
I AM can.
I AM made me
not to be broken, but to
look to he that formed me
in the depths of my mother’s womb,
unseen by man,
knitting together bone and flesh,
for his glory.
I am broken,  but I AM created a way to unbreak all that has been broken.
for I AM became man to live among his broken creation.
He broke bread and healed broken bodies.
he allowed his perfect body to be broken
to heal souls.
but in the same way that I am not enough.  I AM is.
He overcame death to reclaim the pieces of his broken world
to piece it back together piece by piece
put together with two pieces of wood and three nails.
put together with a love so strong that even death could not hold him in the grave.
I am broken,
but I AM has made me whole.

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