This is why politics is taboo

I realize that you can probably gather my political views from the perspective I write my posts, but I try very hard to stay away from a direct political post.  I’m still trying really hard, but I can’t seem to stop myself.  As I’ve mentioned some time ago, my degree is political science.  At one point in time I even had the insane aspirations to be a lobbyist.  Really.  I think it’s because I’m pretty opinionated and I liked the idea of trying to convince people to agree with me for a living (yes, I know that’s not entirely what lobbyists do…). Give me a little leeway in this post, it’s dripping in sarcasm–you’ve been forewarned.

So we have officially begun a government shutdown for the first time in 17 years.  Clinton was in office the last time around just in case you were trying to pick a president to blame.  But, we forget that we have a 3 part government.  Of course, they have clearly forgotten their roles as well as both the judicial and executive branches keep trying to pass laws without the congressional branch and I don’t even know what the congressional branch is doing.  They seem to be on recess more often than not. Just thinking about it brings extreme irritation to the forefront of my mind, but I digress because that isn’t what this post is about.  I’m going to try to not make this a rant piece, because honestly, no one really enjoys reading those.  You see, I have a solution to this whole fiasco.  I know, I must be brilliant if I can solve a problem that clearly this number of men and women more than twice my age aren’t able to do.  But  here’s the kicker, I bet you can too.  You ready?  Here it is…


There!  I feel so accomplished.  You see here’s my take.  We have a bunch of career politicians in office who aren’t actually capable of representing the people they were elected to represent and seeing as they can’t even remember how to work together and share (lessons my 2 1/2 year is learning already and most 4-5 year olds exercise on a daily basis at school), they need to be fired.  In any other job, working in any other company, they would have been fired a LONG time ago.  I saw a statistic (I don’t know the accuracy, but it was off of CNN) that said that only 10% of people approved of how Congress was doing…seriously 10% (I kind of worry about those 10% because I have NO idea what they see to be willing to approve in the first place).  So here we go, back to what I said for my solution: Do your job or get out.  They clearly are not doing their job (as the fact that we have now entered into the process of a government shutdown would prove), so they get the boot.  All of them.  I’m not even exaggerating.  And I do like a couple of them…kind of.    And here is the next step, real people (not career politicians) go to their districts, get to know their constituents, not the rich ones or the big businesses that can pay their exorbitant salaries, but the real everyday people that have to deal with the laws and regulations that they will be passing.  Represent the people, not the money of the rich minority.  I am a supporter of free enterprise and for keeping a small government, as well as states rights, but that doesn’t mean that because a huge business is in a particular district that their interests are more important than everyone else who can’t make the huge campaign donations.

And on this Obamacare nonsense, no I don’t support it.  I have already seen my premiums increase because of it.  Here is my issue.  It is not that I don’t think that everyone deserves good health care (though if you look at the health care systems in those socialist nations that have government regulated health care…I don’t think it’s quite what people are assuming it should be.  There is a reason that Canadians cross the border into the US to receive better health care…just saying).  BUT, I digress.  I have an issue with the bill itself.  No one has really been able to muster enough insanity to read the monstrosity from cover to cover because it’s so ridiculously long, like war and peace long.  Not only that but it’s written in such ridiculous “legal-ese” that even the best politicians have a difficult time comprehending exactly what is being said.  If you don’t know what I mean by “legal-ese” just think of the pompous trickery used by those in professions such as politicians, lawyers, magicians, and car salesmen.  It’s speaking in terms of snobbery, beyond the usage of official legal terms and phrases.  I’m not saying that something can’t be agreed on that will offer those that can’t afford healthcare an option, but this isn’t it and our President needs to stop blaming everyone else and accept the fact that the majority does not agree with him.  The majority may have voted him into office, but they don’t agree with this.

I do have a lot of opinions about my president but the fact of the matter is I know that God still wants me to respect the authority that he has given President Obama.  God allowed plenty of tyrannical kings to come to office because the Israelite people chose to ignore what he had instructed.  They chose to turn from him, and he let them because we have free will and ultimately it is our decision.  But true faith is standing firm on what we believe, no matter the circumstances, including who is in office.  So I have stated my opinion and unless all Americans stand up and take notice and actually vote out the current representation (who is doing a poor job of actually representing, both Republican and Democrat), we will continue to go down this path again and again.  I’m just as guilty as I only did partial research before voting and don’t always pay attention to voting unless it’s a major election year and don’t pay attention to the state elections as much (which could, technically, be even more important since state’s rights do still exist.  If you don’t believe me, go ask Texas, they know and exercise state’s rights better than anyone and I respect them all the more because of it).  If we as citizens have an issue with what is going in, then we need to step up and change it.  No one else is going to (clearly).  Are we willing to do that or do we just want to complain about it and continue to do nothing?  I guess that’s the real issue.


3 thoughts on “This is why politics is taboo

  1. interesting thoughts. it is frustrating that our government has chosen to not do their jobs and cooperate. I have heard in said that this is the most polarized time in our nation since the civil war. i don’t understand why our government can’t seek com promise like the rest of the country. well written 🙂

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