Investing blood, sweat, and tears

Today, I sold a little piece of my soul.  Yup, I joined a gym.  Though it’s the YMCA, so I feel better about that part of it.  But every 15th of the month until I tell them otherwise (with at least a 5 day notice), my bank account will take a hit.  Up side, that hit to my bank account also covers childcare so I’m able to go and workout while my kiddos go share germs and toys with other kiddos, learning important social behaviors (hopefully more positive than negative).

This morning that meant 1 hour to myself, feeling completely overwhelmed by the equipment (even though I have used it before, though I am horrible as establishing a good routine of which ones to use on what days), and comically amused at the old men exercising in slacks and a button down shirt.  Really.

But in the effort to better myself, my husband, and our family, we made the decision to make the investment.

I know, tons of people have a gym membership, so what?

It’s all about investment.  I have shared my dream of having an organization that serves as a faith resource to teenage girls and the first of the 4 areas of focus is “yourself.”  This is all about young ladies recognizing that Jesus said that the greatest command was to love the Lord with all your heart, mind, and strength (Mat. 22:38). To do this means investing in the relationship.  I hope to inspire a love for the word of God in young ladies that will then influence the rest of their lives.  This is done in two parts: daily devotions and a question forum.   Getting in the Word of God and growing in knowledge of who he is.

The second area is “friends.”  Jesus continued that the second greatest command is to love others as you love yourself (Mat 22:39).  Once you yourself are on a solid path, the next circle of influence is the people you hang out with.  Your friends.  I hope to provide small group materials to empower young ladies to reach out to their friends, who hopefully will jump in at the first step and have a relationship with God.

The third area is “community.”  This is where “faith in action” comes in to play.  Whether they need volunteer hours or they are looking for a service opportunity to do with their small group (see the second area of focus), we would provide a list of organizations/companies that have already said “yes, I would be happy to have some teenagers volunteer.”  Including a contact name and phone number.

The fourth area is the “world.”  We as believers are called to share Jesus

“And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8 NLT)

My prayer within this section is that other mission agencies that travel around the world on short term trips will be willing to partner with us to allow students to travel and serve worldwide.  They would officially be serving through that organization (their requirements and expenses, etc.), however, we would act as a liaison and help the students coordinate all of the details that they need for the trip.

The idea behind the organization I am dreaming of is all about investing in the lives of young ladies.  It’s about meeting them where they are at in this moment, and helping to give them the resources to move forward in their faith.  Just as my family decided to invest our time and money into a gym membership for our physical and mental well being, this organization invests in teenage girl’s lives for their eternal well being.

Some areas that you can be praying for me in this:

  • Website.  Obviously this is all done through a well organized website that is easily accessible and easy upkeep.
  • Finances to be able to afford the bare necessities (the website cost and development, as well as continual upkeep, trademarking names, someday down the road a salary for myself, other writers, IT, and finance  and marketing departments)
  • Connections.  Deep down, I’m an introvert and so stepping out and initiating connections is somewhat of a challenge for me.  BUT, I need to work within the community to have options available for volunteering as well as initiating the conversation about possible partnership for overseas mission opportunities.
  • Wisdom for material to write (to get everything up and running, I need devotions pre-written to get them posted daily and curriculum for at least several small group topics)
  • Time.  Right now, I am a full time mom and wife.  My career is my children.  I would like to find that good balance between working toward this dream as well as my other writing dreams, and taking care of my home and kiddos (who are usually napping when I’m blogging).

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