A year in the making

Last week I gave my “Ode” of sorts to my Orlando family.  The reality is that if I actually went into detail about how much each person meant to me, I’d never stop writing.  I touched on only a couple people/groups and truly, that was difficult enough without even specifying how much I love and appreciate those people.

The fact that my blood family also happens to be in Florida is just an added challenge.  I was going to say icing on the cake, but since we’re leaving, it’s not icing on the cake that I’m leaving my family.  I can’t even touch that one.  I think (hope) they know and understand that.  The reality is that they are so much a part of me, I’m trying to not focus on how much less I will be able to see them.  Like I said last week, I am so grateful for technology and the ability to stay connected.

We flew out to Texas yesterday and jumped right into looking at houses.  We saw 13 houses yesterday.  Seriously, 13.  We brought along our notebook to take copious notes and our tape measure to ensure that our (evidently) large furniture would fit.  Today, we signed a lease.  In a word, I’m overwhelmed.

You must understand that this has been years in the making.  I am a Floridian.  5th generation in fact.  All of my family lives there.  I have a church family that I trust enough to trust my girls with them without a second thought.  When I began to feel “ok” with the idea of moving away, it was a big deal.  I was anticipating something in the future, knowing that this change in my heart could only come God.  At that time, there was no reason to think that a move was coming.  My husband had not applied anywhere and his job was relatively secure that point in time.

Then a year ago, I experienced the first vision that God had ever revealed to me.  I grew up Methodist.  We didn’t even talk about the Holy Spirit, let alone visions.  Sure Daniel interpreted dreams, sure there were visions given to profits in the Old Testament, but me?  I wasn’t sure what it was at first so I kept it to myself.  Then my husband and I began discussing possibly looking at other jobs because of the sequestration that was forcing his company to make a multitude of layoffs.  That’s when I drew the picture of my vision on our mirror in our bathroom.  It’s where we list out prayers.  Kyle looked at the shape I drew and the location of the star that marked a place that was illuminated in my vision.

“That’s Fort Worth.”

He knew it by looking at it.  He grew up in Texas and recognized the geography of the top portion of the state that was drawn.  I didn’t know what to do with that but we kept it written on the bathroom mirror.  For a year.

Little by little, piece by piece this has come together.  Kyle began putting out feelers for job opportunities that would expand his resume and qualifications and we kept trusting in the confidence that God had placed on my heart.  This was the job that opened up.  We found a great house on the first day looking for homes.  We were approved only hours after submitting the application.

I’m overwhelmed but I know without a shadow of doubt that this is where God wants us to be.  I don’t know why, but I’m continuing to trust him.  To see this come full turn after over a year in the making solidifies that in my heart and in my soul.

It’s little things that I believe we overlook could be those nuggets of revelation that we just brush aside as nothing.  I’m honored that God saw fit to use me to reveal his direction in our family’s life.  I know it probably took more faith for me to have that revelation and have to wait for what it would mean than to not have it.  We’ve determined that it was the opposite for my husband.  God knew that it would take greater faith for him to not have the clear direction given directly to him.  My personality is such that when given a tiny piece, I go in to planning mode.  But I had to wait.  My husband would have taken that information and just said okay.  Don’t you love that God does that?  He knows us so well that he put an opportunity for each of us to grow in faith.  And I can only imagine how wonderful it will be once it is revealed why he moved us here.

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