Get to versus Got to

Sunday morning I had the privilege of being reminded of the importance of a “get to” versus “got to” mentality (yes, the grammar is awful, but consider it pastoral grammar freebie due to the evidently necessary usage of alliteration).  In short, we often approach the “every day” tasks as “got to’s” and our passions as “get to’s”.  The challenge is change the mentality of the everyday “got to’s” into “get to’s”.

As I was praying through my passion (which is girl’s ministry), the last thing that I ever want to do is quire a “got to” mentality toward my current (and forever) “job” as a mommy.

get the incredible opportunity to stay home with two of the most amazing little girls.  So many women would do anything to have the opportunity that I have and so often take for granted.  I get to see the excitement on their faces when I come in to get them up each morning.  I get to hear them discover how to communicate and verbally express themselves (often resulting in humorous telling of seemingly simple concepts and ideas).  I get to dance with my three year old over and over again to the same song that we’ve listened to for the 20th time in one day.  I get to snuggle with my girls in the middle of the night when they are sick, scared, or just need to be held a little longer.

Those are the thing that are important to them.  Snuggles, laughter, love.  As we grow, we get lost in the everyday “got to’s” of life and in doing so miss out on so many incredible “get to’s” of life.  A child isn’t worried about whether or not you are the CEO making over 6 digits a year.  They aren’t concerned about you breaking through the glass ceiling.  They are forcused on the time that you sit and read them their favorite book five times in a row.  They relish in the exploration that you take with them, even just around the neighborhood.

As I start my new year, while I don’t make official new year’s resolutions, I do take the time to refocus on my priorities.  Girl’s ministry is a passion of mine, but not over my passion for my sweet children.  I want to challenge each of you to look at those things in your life that should be “get to’s” that have become “got to’s”.  I want to challenge you to make your children, your spouse, and your friends a priority.  That generally translates into time spent with them.  Take your wife on a date, or better yet, take the opportunity to hang out with your kids and give her the night off to go out with some of her friends (and if you clean the house as well, it will probably pay off handsomely).  Call up a friend that you haven’t had time for and set a specific time to take them to lunch or go play a pick up game of soccer.

People in our lives are such blessings and children seem to get this better than anyone I know.  Praying that you “get to” love on the people in your life 10 fold this new year.

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