Sanctified–It’s Time to Break Out


verb. to make holy, set apart as sacred, consecrate.

I’m trying to finish up some editing to submit my book to the publisher but have also begun to look towards my next project(s).  I currently have four ideas bouncing around.  One that fascinates me is this idea of being sanctified.

The whole idea of Israel being a people “set apart” is so incredible to me.  God chose them.  He was active in their lives (whether they were paying attention to him or not).  And he gave them incredible promises because they were his chosen people.

As Christians, we now have the privilege of claiming their history (including the amazing promises) as our own.  But this is where things get a little hairy.  I believe that most believers have yet to take claim to what is rightfully theirs.  I believe that most of us still live as though we are bound and chained to whatever burdens we carry and never adhere to the status that God Himself has given to each and every person who believes.

That’s what I’m hoping to explore.

  • What does it mean to be sanctified?
  • How can we break free from the burdens that enslave us?
  • How can we allow God to then change our status accordingly?

Am I living out a life as one “set apart” and “made holy?”  Are you?

—What does it mean to you to be sanctified?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

6 thoughts on “Sanctified–It’s Time to Break Out

  1. Inspiring thought.
    I think something we have to guard against is not allowing our sanctification be motivated by others..I.e, what others think about us, trying to impress others…but rather our hearts be leaning toward God.

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