Seasons through Wildflowers

It’s hard to believe that I have lived in Texas for nine months now. Prior to moving, I had only seen my (now) home in the winter. Initially in December while looking for a house and then the second time when we drove out here in January ahead of our moving truck. It was cold and somewhat dreary both when we came in December and the week we moved in January. Everything was brown and frozen.

But once it began to warm up (which this year took until around April), colors erupted. Since that time, as one type of wildflower dies away, another takes its place. We began with pastures covered in yellow coupled with a gorgeous purple flower that grew along the fences with seemingly great purpose. Once those passed away, a red daisy took their place, followed by black-eyed susans and a white flower in the late summer. Just recently a different purple flower has bloomed, covering the pastures in yet another color.

I couldn’t help but think of Isaiah 40:8

“Grass withers and flowers fade, but the Word of our God stands forever.”

We are flowers in this world. We bloom at different times and display our colors proudly for the world to see. Some pass us by with little to no recognition of all the work we took to stand proudly against the winds. Others will gather us up like small children gather the wildflowers to enjoy for a little longer. Yet, our time is limited. Our life is finite. Nothing in this world will last, except for the Word of God.

John 1 tells us that:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” (John 1:1)

God made us to be eternal. He created us to spend eternity with Him. But because of sin we are separated from that wonder and we are left with broken bodies that don’t last. We are left with seasons of cold and barren wastelands that put a sense of longing in our hearts. In those seasons we long for something more; we long for blooming and vibrant lives that seem to be bubbling up inside of each of us. We long for eternity.

It is only through the amazing power of the word of God that we can discover our eternity. It is only through the power of the words of Jesus who will stand before God on judgment day and declare us not guilty that we can know and experience the eternal glory that we were created for. The blood of Jesus covers the barren wastelands of our souls and allows that freedom and redemption to take root and bloom season after season.

We are created to be eternal, but you have to choose it for yourself. It’s not automatic, but it is an easy step.

Are you living simply for the season or have you taken claim to the power of Jesus that sets you free?

Remember that seasons come and go. Just like the wildflowers that grow around my home, they bloom and fade, and another one takes their place. We too will pass from this world and while we live to leave a legacy, what will be your eternity?

Jesus tells us that if we believe in Him, we will spend eternity with Him in paradise. My prayer for each and every one of you is that you recognize your need for a Savior. I pray that Jesus speaks to your heart and that you find your peace and (ultimately) life in Him.

Don’t wait, for you never know what your season will be.

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