Thank a Veteran Today


As a political science major, the military has always been of great interest to me. For a number of years, I seriously contemplated joining; though why I never did I’m not entirely sure. But what I am sure about is that I am so incredibly grateful for the service that each service man and woman provides—for me and for my freedoms.

My heart breaks when I hear high school students talk with such disdain for the American government classes. They dread the American history classes and when asked some of the basics, it seems as though they haven’t retained any of the information that may or may not have taught.

Studies have shown that many new millennials are confused about what they do or do not believe. They want the help of the government but don’t want the government to control their assets. They want taxes raised for those with a higher income—until they realize that the divide is less than what they believed and they too will be paying more. It makes it difficult to know what you want to support when you haven’t been taught what our government was originally intended to be. Sadly this relates to how people respond to the military.

Everyone wants to cut military spending but don’t realize how little our service men and women actually make. They assume what they do not know and expect to maintain their freedoms without the use of the military. (I’m not even referring to physical battles as much as the necessary need for a strong military that is well trained, well equipped, and well cared for—both during their service and after they retire).

But I don’t want this to be a rant post. I want this to be a letter of thanks. So let’s instead focus on that.

To each man and woman who is serving currently and to all who have ever served in the United States military:

Thank you. It is because of your sacrifices and service that I have the right to speak my opinion, to work for myself, to raise my children without fear, and to practice my faith how I deem necessary.

To each man, woman, and child who is family to a service man or woman (present or past):

Thank you. I know that you are often times over-looked but I have seen the struggle and sacrifice that you go through as well. With each deployment, with each move, with each adjustment…It is because of your love and support, your family is able to serve.

On this Veteran’s Day, I implore each of you to take a moment and find a way to thank your present and past military. No matter what your beliefs are, they are serving you and deserve your honor and deepest respect.

A special thank you to the veterans in my own family: my grandfather (USAF), my brother-in-law (ARMY), and my cousins (NAVY and USAF). I am honored to call you family and I am so grateful for your service.

God bless our military men and women.

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