A letter to the church girls.

**I know I already posted this week, but this has be mulling over in my mind for a little while and feel like it needs to be shared today. Please share this with your friends, moms and dads-share this with your daughters, pastors-share this with your students. They need to hear it and believe in their role within their faith and church community. If our girls can’t be confident in their roles within the church, how on earth are they supposed to be able to be confident in their role in the world? It’s time to empower our young ladies the same way we empower our young men. They have a purpose and a calling on their lives and they need to be confident enough to believe in it.**

“Let no one look down on you because you are young.” –or because you are “just” a girl.

To all of the church girls,

It’s occurred to me that we have done a great disservice to you. While I may be only slightly older than you, I am just as responsible for this as those who have come before me. We have allowed our girls to fester in confusion in understanding what our role looks like within the church.

The feminist movements, both in America and around the world, vary widely on what is motivating them. Is it actual freedom from persecution and a lower class? Or is it a method of undermining a God-ordained system that may seem archaic and out-dated?

You need to know that I struggled with this as I was growing up. I was always (overly) confident in who I was as a girl and as I grew up into a woman. But I had no idea what that actually meant when translated into the “church community.” Was I supposed to be more submissive or was I given a voice to speak out? No one ever told me.

Let me justify that with a clarification that my parents always supported my tenacious nature. They nurtured a strong-willed little girl and encouraged me to learn how to harness that gift to be able to use it for God’s glory—not my own.

When I say that no one ever told me how this translated into my faith, I am referring to the church as a whole.

You see, girls, we are being pulled in two very drastically different directions. Like many other polarizing topics, the church doesn’t always do the best job in guiding us as the Bible leads.  There are some views that would tell you that a woman should never speak in the church. After all, there are verses that appear to support this stance. There are others who stand by the cultural norm that views male leadership as something that was only in place to bolster the male ego and that women should take over with force if men aren’t willing to give up that leadership role.

But it’s not that simple. God did establish a hierarchy between men and women, but not to diminish the importance or capabilities of women, rather to encourage it and replicate the hierarchy that is between Christ and His church.

So where does that leave us? I believe that it leaves us with a bunch of amazing female leaders who are too scared to step up into the roles of leadership that God has specially designed for them.

YES, women can lead men.

YES, women can be given a powerful word that is relevant to more than children and women’s groups.

YES, God can (and will) use women to affect the hearts of many, including those of men.

We are blessed and gifted in so many ways. YOU are blessed and gifted in so many ways.

Sweet girl, hear me when I say, that you can make a difference for the Kingdom of God. It’s what you were created to do. Women in the Bible, while culturally submissive, were strong and vitally important to the story that we read and that we are still a part of.

Without Esther standing up for her people despite the risks, the Hebrews would have been destroyed at the hand of a selfish and spurned man.

Without Rahab, the spies would have never made it out alive.

Deborah was a prophet, judge, and a strong leader.

Priscilla was monumental in helping build the early church.

Believe in your calling. Know that God will equip you to serve Him in amazing ways. Stay humble before Him and be gracious to the male leaders who are trying their best (I promise they really are doing the best they can).

Don’t shrink back from opportunities to speak truth as God leads you. Trust Him to create your platform and know He can overcome any prejudices that exist. But always act like a lady and respect everyone, no matter how they treat you.

I am praying for all of the future female leaders that are in the church. I am so excited to see how God uses you to reach your generation. You can be beautiful and humble and powerful all at the same time.

Love from a fellow church girl.