The revelation to accompany the promise.

Sooo…I know it’s been a while, but I’ll skip right over all of my excuses why I haven’t written.  Besides, it’s a long list and it’s late (again, I know…it’s not that late, it’s 10:00 pm but both girls are in bed and the longer I stay up the more “munchie” I get).


A little while back you may remember my run with God.  (If you missed it, go read it here, it’s actually a pretty good one).  So one of the promises that was made to me was an anointing on my family, but I had to find peace with God exactly where I was (am).

So, I have my resume posted in a couple different places that have the potential of being seen by prospective employers (Linkdin, Career Builder).  Ones like linkdin are recent with hopes of remaining updated as well as creating opportunities for me to network when an opportunity arises.  Ones like Career Builder are remnants of when I was actively looking for a job (2008-2009).  Well, it was the latter that I got contacted about (which means they were working off of a nearly 5 year old resume…oops!).

I got an email from DMC (a marketing firm in central Florida) last week.  I seriously did not think much about it.  I mentioned it briefly to Kyle and then just ignored it, never followed up, never responded.  Then this afternoon, I get a phone call.  It wasn’t my most professional phone interview, but then again, I was taken back a little bit and not quite on my “get a job” game.  Either way, I must have answered the questions well enough that they asked to schedule an introductory interview tomorrow morning.

Holy cow, that’s a fast turn around.  I go ahead and agree, thinking it can’t hurt to at least go and see what the job actually entails (something about marketing, building key accounts-face to face, and refining into management to start up another location).  Then I started to think about it.  Really think about it.

You see, here is my opportunity.  I didn’t search it out, it found me.  A full time job that would probably pay well enough that I could afford to work (childcare throws off a lot of budgeting ideas).  I could help us earn enough to knock out the last of our debt, deepen our savings, and start additional oh-my-goodness-I-now-have-not-only-2-college-educations-to-pay-for-but-2-weddings savings.  All in all, not a bad turn of events, right?  I mean, I like marketing and I think it’s a skill that I could utilize in my “dream job” scenario, without a doubt.

Then another thought popped into my head.

Is this job worth putting my girls into day care for?

Do I really care that much about this job that it’s worth taking away the time I would have with my 6 month old and 2 1/2 year old?

The answer to that was pretty simple.  No.

No, this is not a job that I really want.  No, this job is not absolutely needed.  No, I do not want to give up the time with my girls to go back to work for this job.

So I emailed them back, apologizing but explaining that I would not be able to make the interview and wished them well.

It’s not what I expected when God told me to find peace in my situation, but I think that is exactly what this has done.  I don’t think this was a “test” to pass or not, it was simply an opportunity where I got the chance to see what my priorities really are.  I like to say that they are following God and loving/spending time with my family.  This time, I got to show it.